Minister Miltenberger adn Premier McLeod put pen to paperDevolution a Reality

On April 1, 2014, the Government of the Northwest Territories became responsible for managing public land, water, and resources in the NWT. The first mineral claim was recorded later that day, and Premier Bob McLeod welcomed 132 transferring federal employees in a public event on April 2.

“Our government is committed to the responsible management and development of all of our resources to create sustainable benefits for our people,” said Premier McLeod. “We are now in control of our own future. We have worked hard to prepare for this day, and we will be guided by the Water Stewardship Strategy, the Land Use and Sustainability Framework, the Economic Opportunities Strategy, and the Aboriginal Engagement Strategy, among many others. I am proud of the work we have done: it gave us a solid foundation for developing our economy and protecting our environment according to northern priorities.”

This devolution is the last major transfer of powers from the federal government to the territorial government. It provides new opportunities for Northerners to work together to responsibly and sustainably manage the land, water and natural resources of the Northwest Territories for the benefit of current and future generations.

The new Intergovernmental Council is guided by the Northwest Territories Intergovernmental Agreement on Lands and Resources Management. To learn more about the Intergovernmental Council, please visit their website at

NWT Resource revenues are being shared according to the Northwest Territories Intergovernmental Resource Revenue Sharing Agreement.  Both of these agreements were signed in February of 2014.

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