Devolution Measures Act

The Devolution Measures Act made consequential amendments to almost two dozen territorial statutes in order to give effect to the Devolution Agreement and to address ambiguities or gaps that could arise from legislative initiatives required for its implementation. The Devolution Measures Act amended several territorial statutes to reflect variations between the former Northwest Territories Act and the new version contained in Bill C-15, the Northwest Territories Devolution Act.

In particular, the Devolution Measures Act applied the more modern terminology used in the new Northwest Territories Act, and updated cross-references to that statute in territorial legislation. In addition, the Devolution Measures Act imported a provision from the former Northwest Territories Act respecting the detention of prisoners, and inserted it into the territorial Corrections Act to ensure against a legislative gap.

The Devolution Measures Act also updated cross-references in several territorial statutes to federal legislation that was mirrored in implementing the Devolution Agreement. It modified the Financial Administration Act to integrate the public bodies continued by the mirroring legislation.

Finally, the Devolution Measures Act made legislative amendments that were identified as legally necessary to implement the Devolution Agreement. While the Devolution Measures Act focused only on territorial statutes, similar consequential amendments were required in respect of a variety of territorial regulations, and these amendments were made by the appropriate regulation-making authorities in the usual manner.

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