Waters Act

(mirrored legislation)

The Waters Act provides the GNWT with authority related to waters in the Northwest Territories. This legislation forms part of an integrated regulatory system of land and water management in the Northwest Territories with the Northwest Territories Lands Act and the federal Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act.

The legislation provides the GNWT with authorities relating to the licensing and use of water and the disposal of waste into water. The legislation also provides for the continuance of the Inuvialuit Water Board, formerly known as the Northwest Territories Water Board, which is responsible for the conservation, development and use of water in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.

There are two regulations under the Waters Act, governing the issuance of Type A and B water licenses for water under the administration and control of the GNWT in all of the Northwest Territories, including the Mackenzie Valley.

The legislation sets out rights and duties of license holders and others, including a compensation scheme for rights holders, and the duties and powers of analysts and inspectors, as well as the enforcement scheme for contraventions under the act.

The authorities set out in the Waters Act are the responsibility of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

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