Managing the Land after Devolution

The residents of the NWT have a long relationship with the land. But the way we use land  is changing. Northerners are striving to find a balance between traditional uses of the land  and the needs of a modern wage-based economy.

Where we are living, what we are doing, and global effects of climate change are all having impacts on our land.

The land management and governance context in the NWT is also evolving. Land-claim  and self-government agreements are being negotiated and implemented. Legislation governing the NWT regulatory regime is changing. Through devolution, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is acquiring new authorities and responsibilities for land  management.

Northerners have always believed that decisions about our economy and environment should be made by the people who live here. The devolution of authority for land, water and resources will give the people of the territory that long-awaited power.

It is important that residents know how the GNWT will manage land in the public interest.

The Land Use and Sustainability Framework lays out the GNWT’s vision for sustainable,  responsible land use. The framework will serve as the policy foundation for all GNWT land use decisions.
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