Managing Water after Devolution

Northerners rely on water and aquatic ecosystems for sustenance, transportation, recreation, energy production and economic development.

Abundant and clean water means safe drinking water in our communities, and healthy fish and animals in and around our lakes and rivers.

Our quality of life depends on our ability to protect and conserve these natural resources.

In recent years, Northerners have been paying more attention to the state of our water. With increasing pressures on water and aquatic ecosystems from climate change, human activity and industrial development, residents are recognizing that actions need to be taken now to ensure our water and aquatic ecosystems are sustained for future generations.

We all have the responsibility to make sure our use of the land and water does not harm the aquatic ecosystems on which people, plants and animals depend. We call this responsibility “water stewardship”.

After devolution, the GNWT will be responsible for administering the laws that regulate water in the N W T. This will provide new opportunities for northerners to work with each other and with our neighbouring jurisdictions to ensure water continues to meet our needs and sustains aquatic ecosystems.

Through sound water stewardship and strong partnerships, we can make sure the waters of the NWT remain clean, abundant and productive for all time.

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