Reasonable Job Offers

Blair_ChapmanIt is Tuesday, November 26, 2013, and while the GNWT has received approximately 75 signed Reasonable Job Offers, some federal staff are still thinking about their GNWT job offers.  The deadline to accept the offers is Monday, December 2, 2013 before 5pm. You need to accept it in writing: drop it off to the GNWT Devolution HR Planning & Implementation team on the 2nd Floor of the Nova Coast Plaza, or scan it and send it to

We certainly look forward to welcoming you to the GNWT. The new and reorganized departments will combine the strengths of our skilled and experienced staff. Much of our management team is already starting to take shape:

  • Our new Lands Department will be led by Mr. Mark Warren, who will officially become Deputy Minister on April 1, 2014.  Mark has been working diligently to pull this new department together.
  • The Lands team will benefit from the immeasurable experience and knowledge from a number of AANDC staff who have accepted their Reasonable Job Offers to come to the GNWT effective April 1, 2014.  Mark will be joined within the Lands Directorate by Kate Hearn, ADM Planning & Coordination and Annette Hopkins, ADM of Operations.  Kate and Annette both have significant senior management experience in a variety of federal senior management roles and have a vast knowledge of land management and administration in the Northwest Territories.
  • Also joining the senior management team of the Department of Lands will be Conrad Baetz, Superintendent of Inuvik, Scott Stewart, Superintendent of North Slave and Paula Harker, Director of Policy, Legislation & Communications.
  • The Shared Services Centre for Informatics will move from Environment & Natural Resources into the Lands Department and benefit from the continued leadership of their Executive Director, Rick Wind.  Informatics will provide support across three Departments – Lands; Industry, Tourism & Investment; as well as Environment & Natural Resources.
  • The Department of Environment and Natural Resources will also welcome Robert Jenkins as part of their new senior management team, as Director for Water Resources.  Robert has developed considerable knowledge of the while working in the Renewable Resources & Environment program with AANDC.

We’ve had some questions about what you should do if you aren’t sure about your offer. Even if you’ve accepted an offer, you are welcome to apply for other GNWT jobs, following the normal GNWT staffing process which includes the Affirmative Action Policy. If you accept the offer and then find another job before the transfer date, you need to let us know by contacting Blair Chapman, Director of Devolution HR Planning & Implementation. Our human resources staff are hard at work matching people with positions, and we need to know which jobs need to be filled.

However, if you are sure you don’t want the job you have been offered, please contact Linda Bussey, Senior Human Resources Consultant, GNWT by fax at (867) 920-8879 or by email.  We hope you will apply for other GNWT positions as they become available. Over the coming months, more jobs will be posted to our careers site, and you can sign up for e-mail alerts so you always know about positions you’re interested in.

If you already work for the GNWT, you might want to think about whether one of the new positions will be right for you. Check out our new organizational design: in the next few months there will be many new positions in fields as diverse as geoscience; land use planning; informatics; and minerals, oil & gas. Keep an eye on our Careers site so you always know when new jobs are posted.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information – if your question’s not there, ask us and we’ll answer it!

Blair Chapman
Director of Devolution HR Planning & Implementation