Building The Economy

Devolution has placed decision-making for NWT resource development in the hands of a more nimble, accountable and responsive government that can focus on the needs of a single territory and its investors.

The GNWT recognizes that resource development is the foundation of the NWT economy, and that investors need information and certainty in relation to existing interests, new project approvals and the regulatory system.

The NWT Lands and Resources Devolution Agreement recognizes that ‘devolution is to be done in a manner that respects existing land, water and resource rights and minimizes disruption to the provision of programs and services.’

To ensure a smooth transition, the GNWT has:

  • Created legislation that substantially mirrors existing federal legislation and protects existing rights and interests
  • Worked closely with the federal government on business process mapping to maximize business continuity
  • Attracted as many experienced federal employees in the region to work in devolving programs
  • Worked with industry and other stakeholders after devolution to ensure development-related laws, policies and processes are practical, effective and workable