Resource Revenue Sharing Provisions in Existing Land Claim and Self-Government  Agreements

The Inuvialuit, Gwich’in, Sahtu and T???ch? governments have modern treaties that provide title to large tracts of settlement lands. Title to these settlement lands generally includes surface ownership with subsurface ownership in some areas. The Gwich’in, Sahtu and T???ch? agreements also provide a share of the resource revenues collected on public land throughout the Mackenzie Valley.

From the Mackenzie Valley, the Gwich’in and Sahtu are each entitled to receive annually:

  • 7.5% of the first $2 million of resource revenues collected, or $150,000, and
  • 1.5% of any additional resource revenues collected

From the Mackenzie Valley, the T???ch? are entitled to receive annually:

  • 10.429% of the first $2 million of resource revenues collected, or $208,580, and
  • 2.086% of any additional resource revenues collected

The Dehcho First Nations Interim Resource Development Agreement also provides the Dehcho with a share of resource revenues in advance of a Dehcho Final Agreement. To support economic development activities in the Deh Cho, the Dehcho First Nations may access up to 50% of the following amount annually:

  • 12.25 % of the first $2 million of resource revenues received, or $245,000, and
  • 2.45 % of any additional resource revenues received

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